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Workshop with Accenture

Accenture’s Retail Club had a workshop about future stores in the age of experience.

Post-its on a table to map up a group workAnna Melin, Digital Transformation Analyst at Accenture Interactive, hosted a workshop with the theme “Future Store” together with her colleagues. First, Mikael Ekman, Senior Manager at Accenture, held a presentation on the future of physical stores and what customer expectations retailers will face. Mikael explained that there is no such thing as the “retail apocalypse”, only "the apocalypse of mediocre retail". The students were then divided into four groups and were asked to use their newly acquired knowledge to come up with ideas regarding the subject. 

The students were first asked to come up with a specific retailer and find the purpose of their brand. Then, we did a brainstorming exercise where each student individually was given the opportunity to come up with different ideas. The group then clustered these ideas together, and to finish the exercise, the students got to develop on each other’s ideas using the Round Robin-framework.

The students came up with many different solutions based on increasing customer experiences, building communities and using innovative technology such as 3D-printers to challenge a mediocre retail industry.

Gisela Gardelius, Key Account Manager, Accenture’s Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club