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SSE Library signs “Read-and-Publish" agreements

After negotiations with several of the major academic publishers, the SSE Library with support from BIBSAM has now signed transformative “read-and-publish” agreements with publishers Elsevier, Wiley and Sage.

These agreements allow publications with a corresponding author affiliated with The Stockholm School of Economics to be published as Open Access without any additional costs for the individual researcher or department.

An additional advantage is that the agreements are so called Big Package Deals, allowing access to a greater quantity of journals and publications compared to earlier agreements. This is especially beneficial for inter-disciplinary researchers.

These agreements come into effect on January 1st 2020, applying to publications submitted after this date. In combination with earlier “read-and-publish” agreements, this means that starting January 1st 2020 researchers at The Stockholm School of Economics can publish their publications Open Access without any additional cost to the individual researcher or department through any of six different major academic publishers – Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Sage, Springer, Taylor & Francis or Wiley.

Please contact the SSE Library if you have any questions.