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Continued hybrid education for study period 2, Oct 27–Dec 15, 2020

The Stockholm School of Economics has decided to continue the hybrid strategy currently in place through study period 2, that is until December 15. This decision is based on a presumption that no major changes in society at large will happen during the fall.

Hybrid education means that SSE will continue to offer both physical and online education to all students, and that every student can choose to be physically present or not. Facilities and technological solutions have been continuously adapted to support the hybrid strategy, and continued improvements are being performed daily.

The experiences from the hybrid strategy so far, including an adapted introduction week, have been mainly positive, despite technological and logistical challenges. A successful collaboration between students, staff and faculty has made it possible to safely re-open the SSE campus and welcome students and colleagues back, albeit under strict regulations.

Examinations, in both study periods, will take place both on campus and online. Rules regarding exemptions from campus presence will be communicated separately.

As before, we continue to closely monitor the corona situation in society. We collaborate closely with public authorities regarding regulations and measurements to prevent the spreading of the virus. The corona task force meets bi-weekly and addresses upcoming questions from the organization, as well as monitors external factors influencing the hybrid strategy.

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