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Webinar | Cost overrun and procurement competence in Sweden

Public investment in everything from hospitals to highways often exceeds budget. How come? And how can it be avoided? In a new SNS report, researcher Giancarlo Spagnolo analyzes the problem and proposes solutions in the upcoming webinar hosted by SNS.

Lack of public procurement competence risks leading to costs for taxpayers equivalent to 2 per cent of GDP per year. In a new SNS report, Giancarlo Spagnolo studies the relationship between procurement competence, quality and cost overruns. Giancarlo Spagnolo is Professor of Economics at Stockholm School of Economics and his research has been published in several top-tier academic journals. In the report, he puts forward a number of suggestions on how to improve public procurement competence in Sweden.

If you want to learn more of the topic and how to join the SNS webinar, please register here.


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