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Misum/Mistra Financial Systems: seminar with Harrison Hong at the Swedish House of Finance

Climate Risks and Market Efficiency: Do markets price in climate risks brought on by climate change? Do we need more disclosures of corporate exposures? Do investors need to hedge climate risks? Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at 16:30-18:00 at the Swedish House of Finance, Drottninggatan 98 

Harrison Hong, Professor of Finance and Economics at Princeton University, will, in connection with his appointment as honorary doctor at the Stockholm School of Economics, present recent research on the ability of markets to price risks associated with climate change. His recent study concerns the links between drought, food company cash flows and their stock price performance.

Following professor Hong’s presentation. Frédéric Samama and Tove Bångstad both from Amundi, one of the leading European asset managers most committed to sustainable investment policies, will share how Amundi tackles these kinds of challenges. There will also be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and comment.

After the seminar, refreshments will be served. The seminar will be held in English.

Sign up at info@sifr.org 


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