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ABC colloquia: Asplund Forever – Swedish-only no-English hero of social science

Welcome to this ABC colloquia on the Swedish social psychologist Johan Aspund, May 4, 15.15-17 in The Heckscher-Ohlin Room. Guests: Mattias Hjelm, Isak Nilson, Jonathan Schunnesson & friends. Moderator:Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, director Centre for Art Business and Culture (ABC) at SSE.

Johan Asplund.jpg


The Swedish social psychologist Johan Asplund (1937-2018) was immensely influential on Swedish social science in general and among management and organization scholars in particular. In this session, a new generation of researchers will convey their fascination with his curious approach to understanding social phenomena and discuss why it remains so appealing today. What are the ontological implications of Asplund´s  "aspect blindness" and why did he insist that any inquiry should begin by asking: What could X mean rather than what does X mean?

Join us as we wrestle with such questions in an unpretentious tribute to this Master of thought experiments and introduce some novel aspects of Asplund’s thought to non-Swedish speakers.


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