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Concert in the atrium: Börlin by Börlin

Don´t miss Art Initiatives´ homage to Rolf de Marés´ Ballets Suédois featuring Elvira Börlin who plays the grand piano to the silent film Entre´acte. Wednesday Sept 22, 12-12.30 in the atrium - warm welcome!

Entre´acte 2 JPG.JPG

Elvira Börlin will play Erik Satie´s score for Rene Clair´s famous 1924 silent dance movie Entre´acte, choreographed by Ballets Suédois star dancer Jean Börlin, and we will screen the film!

The Ballets Suédois was a predominantly Swedish avant-garde dance ensemble based in Paris created and lead by Rolf de Maré (1888–1964). They created pieces combining forms of dance, drama, painting, poetry, music,acrobatics, circus, film and pantomime.

The Ballets Suédois existed between 1920 and 1925, and their last production was the Dadaist ballet Relâche in which the film Entr'acte was played between the acts. The music for the film is composed by Erik Satie, and the film is starring Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie and Jean Börlin.

Come watch the 20 min long film and listen to Elvira Börlin playing the musical score.

A once in a lifetime event!

Art Initiative

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