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Welcome to an Art Talk about the art in the Bonnier Staircases here at SSE, and about the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation. Theodor Ringborg, Artistic Director of Bonniers Konsthall, and Annie Jensen, Curator of the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation will present the foundation and the exhibition at SSE. Jan 29, 12-13, in Torsten.

In the fall of 2019 an new temporal exhibition at the Stockholm School of Economics was inaugurated; The Bonnier Staricases. By courtesy of the Maria Bonner Dahlin Foundation students can enjoy samples from one of the most important collections of Swedish Contemporary art. Theodor and Annie will present how the foundation got started, how it works, give context to the art exhibited and speculate what the foundation might do in the 30 years to come. With this comes the question of working in the service of art and of supporting artistic practices, which nowadays seems particularly important. How could students help the arts in their future careers?

When:  January 29, 12-13

Where: Torsten

RSVP: artinitiative@hhs.se before 28 Jan, 1 pm.

Lunch is served.


The Desk, 2003, by Gunnel Wåhlstrand. Photo: Mikael Olsson

Art Initiative

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