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The current crisis poses huge challenges on authorities, business leaders, employees and basically all parts of society. What actions can be taken to make countries recover in a just and sustainable manner, and make them more resilient in the future?

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) interdisciplinary umbrella group “Sustainable SSE” (SSSE) and and MISUM (Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets) at SSE invites researchers, business leaders and the public to a digital panel discussion how governments, authorities, businesses and other actors can move forward together. 

How can we design policies and measures to help the most vulnerable, include disadvantaged groups better in the economy and the labor market and distribute the costs of economic recovery in a fair and effective manner? How can we encourage sustainability innovations and the adoption of green technologies, and facilitate changes in organizations and behaviors towards more sustainable societies?

Join us for a lunch webinar on the June 12 at 12.00–13.30.

Sign-up here, and contribute with a question on the sustainability topic that you want the panel to discuss. You will also get a link to the newly released film “Day Zero” by Carl Eneroth.

PROGRAM & contributors

The webinar is divided in two parts with a short break in between. 

  • 12.00 – 12.25 Introduction by webinar host Mattias Axelsson and first presentation round by panelists. 
  • 12.25– 12.40 Panel discussions on questions nominated by the participants

5 min break

  • 12.45– 13.10 Second presentation round by panelists.
  • 13.10– 13.30 Discussions and round up.

Pamela Campa
Assistant Professor at SITE, SSE & Affiliated Researcher at MISUM, SSE 

Mattias Goldmann

Mattias Goldmann
Chief Sustainability Officer, Sweco


Markus Kallifatides
Associate Professor, Department of Management and Organization, SSE

Lin Lerpold

Lin Lerpold 
Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and Strategy, CRSM, SSE

Anders Olofsgård

Anders Olofsgård
Associate Professor at SITE, SSE & Affiliated Researcher at MISUM, SSE 

Jesper Roine

Jesper Roine
Associate Professor at SITE, SSE, & Adjunct Professor Department of Economics, SSE

Tony Sandberg

Tony Sandberg
Director Research & Innovation, Scania Group

Samu Slotte
Head of Group Sustainable Finance, Danske Bank

Moderator and facilitators


Mattias Axelson

Affiliated Researcher, SSE, Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology

Johanna Klatt 
Communications Officer & Research Assistant, MISUM 

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