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Strategic Reorientation: Untapping your hidden innovation potential

To take the initiative in creating tomorrow’s opportunities, companies should look inside themselves to find their hidden innovation potential. The source of new businesses is a firm’s already existing know-how, ways of working, partnerships and data.

The Corona crisis is drastically and rapidly transforming the business landscape. We already see dramatic effects in for example retail and travel.

In this turbulent time, it is important not to lose the long-term perspective and to dare to invest in tomorrow’s business. In order to gain advantage, companies need to innovate. Those who seize the opportunities the crisis brings, will get ahead.

The webinar will give you insights in how to uncover your hidden innovation potential, in order to create new sustainable business ideas and making them reality.

  • We will start with discussing why innovation is important now
  • We will continue with defining what is the hidden potential
  • We will address how to explore it in a low cost – low risk way

This webinar is held in English and is a joint effort by Stockholm School of Economics House of Innovation and Executive Education.

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