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Audio-visual material from Misum

How can more sustainable markets be created, organised and governed? These and other sustainability issues are discussed in podcasts moderated by Carl Eneroth at Stockholm School of Economics.

1. Misum Introductory Podcast
In the first podcast the President of Stockholm School of Economics, Professor Lars Strannegård and the Chairman of the Board of Misum, Björn Stigson, talk about a changing world and the rationale for driving markets towards sustainability.

2. Misum Multistakeholder Podcast
In the second podcast we invited practicioners from our first multistakeholder event to focus on how to define sustainable markets and research areas to explore further. In the studio were: Henrik Sundström, VP Group Sustainability Affairs at AB Electrolux (see picture); Mala Chakraborti, Vice President Corporate Responsibility at Atlas Copco (see picture); Louise König, Sustainability Manager at The Co-operative Group Sweden, and Carl Rosén, CEO Swedish Shareholder´s Association/Aktiespararna.

3. Misum Podcast with Robert G. Eccles, former Professor at Harvard Business School and affiliated researcher at Misum (from 2016 also member of the Misum board)
Robert Eccles talks about integrated reporting, that is a single report that combines an organization’s financial and nonfinancial (environmental, social and governance) performance and illuminate the relationship between the two. Eccles ends this IFL Play podcast by introducing the idea of a Sustainable Market Lab, using Stockholm and Sweden as a test-bed for new policy innovations.

Podcast with Lars Strannegård & Björn Stigson

MISUM Multistakeholder Podcast

podcast featuring robert g. eccles

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