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New book: Managing Hybrid Organizations

The new book Managing Hybrid Organizations.Governance, Professionalism and Regulation is edited by Susanna Alexius and Staffan Furusten.

A much-needed addition to literature, this timely edited collection aims to provide clarity and understanding on how modern organizations work. The authors explore the characteristics of hybrid organizations in contemporary society, taking into account the complex societal challenges that face businesses today. Arguing that hybrid organizations are in fact not a new phenomenon, this thought-provoking collection goes beyond existing research and re-evaluates our traditional understanding of this concept. Scholars of organization, management and innovation will find this book an insightful read, as it sheds light on the fundamental aspects that shape today’s hybrid organizations.


  • Exploring Constitutional Hybridity. Alexius, Susanna (et al.)

  • Variations and Dynamics of Hybridity in Different Types of Hybrid Organizations. Furusten, Staffan (et al.)

  • ‘Same same but different’: Trust, Confidence and Governance Among Swedish Mutual Insurers. Larsson, Mats (et al.)  

  • Governance Structures in Customer-Owned Hybrid Organizations: Interpreting Democracy in Mutual Insurance Companies. Sardiello, Tiziana (et al.)  

  • Having It Both Ways: Managing Contested Market Money in a Civil Society Organization. Segnestam Larsson, Ola (et al.)

  • Hybridity as Fluid Identity in the Organization of Associations. Fyrberg Yngfalk, Anna (et al.)

  • The Importance of the Owner Relationship in Shaping Hybrid Organizations. Thomasson, Anna  

  • Logics and Practices of Board Appointments in Hybrid Organizations: The Case of Swedish State-Owned Enterprises. Alexius, Susanna (et al.)  

  • Hybrid Organizations in the Italian Regional Context: A Case Study from the Cultural Heritage Industry. Canonico, Paolo (et al.)

  • Problematic Outcomes of Organization Hybridity: The Case of Samhall. Jutterström, Mats.

  • Governance Implications from a Re-Hybridizing Agricultural Co-Operative. Einarsson, Stefan (et al.)  

  • ‘Becoming a co-operative?’: Emergent Identity and Governance Struggles in the Context of Institutional Ambiguity in a Citizen-Led Health-Care Cooperative. Werner, Mirjam D. (et al.)  

  • Hybrid Challenges in Times of Changing Institutional Conditions: The Rise and Fall of The Natural Step as a Multivocal Bridge Builder. Alexius, Susanna (et al.)  

  • Revenue Diversification in Different Institutional Environments: Financing and Governing the Swedish Art Promotion Movement, 1947–2017. Gustavsson, Martin.

  • A Legislator’s Inability to Legislate Different Species: A Swedish Case Study Concerning Mutual Insurance Companies. Andersson, Jan. 

  • New International Rules for Corporate Governance and the Roles of Management and Boards of Directors. Besher, Alexander R. (et al.)

  • Managing Hybrid Organizations. Furusten, Staffan (et al.)

Learn more: https://www.palgrave.com/la/book/9783319954851#aboutBook

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