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Peter Wallenberg Jr appointed the 2017 Recipient of the SIR Research Award

The board of the SSE Institute for Research is honoured to appoint Peter Wallenberg Jr as Research Promoter of the Year and the 2017 Recipient of the SIR Research Award.

Mr. Peter Wallenberg Jr has furthered a broad range of important research and research-led education initiatives at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Through this indispensable work, characterized by long-term vision, strategic perspective, and unwavering commitment to economic and social development in Sweden, Mr. Peter Wallenberg Jr has contributed to enabling scholars to conduct research at the highest level.

Launched in 1992, the SIR Research Award is presented annually to acknowledge a person who actively and effectively works to create favorable conditions for research and researchers at SSE. Long-term engagement by representatives of the business community and the public sector is a vital necessity if research at the Stockholm School of Economics is to remain successful.

A book written by SSE researchers is dedicated to the recipient. This year’s book Managing Digital Transformation is edited by Per Andersson, Staffan Movin, Magnus Mähring, Robin Teigland, and Karl Wennberg.

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