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It´s here! SIR´s Yearbook 2017

Every year a collection of essays are published as SIR’s Yearbook. The book is written by researchers at SSE. This year the theme is Managing Digital Transformation.

The book is also dedicated to the SIR Research Award Winner. Peter Wallenberg Jr is appointed the recipient of the SIR Research Award 2017.

SIR´s Yearbook 2017 Managing Digital Transformation is edited by Per Andersson, Staffan Movin, Magnus Mähring, Robin Teigland, and Karl Wennberg.

The authors are:

1. Per Andersson and Christopher Rosenqvist: Strategic Challenges of Digital Innovation and Transformation.

2. Magnus Mähring, Karl Wennberg, and Robert Demir: Reaping Value From Digitalization in Swedish Manufacturing Firms: Untapped Opportunities?

3. Henrik Glimstedt: Digital Platforms: A Critical Review of the Core Concepts

4. Sara Rosengren, Fredrik Lange, Mikael Hernant, and Angelica Blom: Catering to the Digital Consumer: From Multichannel to Omnichannel Retailing

5. Claire Ingram Bogusz: Digital Trace Data: Which Data Should we Collect and What Should we do Once we Have it?

6. Erik Modig and Martin Söndergaard: Managing Digital Media Investments.

7. Tale Skjølsvik, Karl Joachim Breunig, and Frida Pemer: Digitalization of Professional Services: The Case of Value Creation in Virtual Law Firms.

8. Martin Carlsson-Wall and Torkel Strömsten: Robotisation of Accounting in Multi-National Companies: Early Challenges and Links to Strategy.

9. Gustav Almqvist: Uncertainty and Complexity in Predictions From Big Data: Why Managerial Heuristics Will Survive Datafication.

10. Adam Åbonde: Explaining the Behaviour of News Consumption.

11. Per Andersson and Lars-Gunnar Mattsson: Digital Transformation Supporting Public Service Innovation: Business Model Challenges and Sustainable Development Opportunities.

12. Jan Markendahl, Stefan Lundberg, and Staffan Movin: The Role and Potential of IoT in Different Ecosystems.

13. Erik Lakomaa: Digitalization, Collective Intelligence, and Entrepreneurship in the Care Sector.

14. Maria J. Bustamante: AgTech and the City: The Case of Vertical Farming and Shaping a Market for Urban-Produced Food.

15. Robin Teigland, Claire Ingram Bogusz, and Anna Felländer: Future Outlook on Digitalizatio

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Download in full text or chapters (pdf)

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