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EGOS Civil Society Standing Working Group 2018–22

With colleagues from a wide range of other European business schools and universities, Filip Wijkström & Marta Reuter at SIR Center for Civil Society Studies have received confirmation that their proposal for a civil society SWG at EGOS has been accepted.

Starting with our sub-theme at EGOS in Tallin this year (July 5–7, 2018) a five-year SWG program has been designed to bring together and discuss cutting-edge research to advance our knowledge of civil society matters. The following colloquia will be arranged in Edinburgh (in 2019) and in Hamburg (in 2020), more cities to be confirmed.

Apart from SSE and Stockholm University, the other members of the Standing Working Group are coming from Trinity College in Dublin, the Sorbonne Business School in Paris, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, CBS in Copenhagen and the University of Groningen (NL). Together they represent an emerging and cross-displinary community of European scholars from a range of disciplines such as political science, sociology and business administration.

In their confirmation letter the EGOS Board motivate their decision in this way: "We find the proposition to structure a SWG around those issues highly relevant and timely. There has been an intensification of work on civil society organizations and organizing in and through civil society in the last years and it appears like a very good moment to take the next step in the structuration and development of an engaged community of scholars on those issues. Your proposal is solid, serious, and we feel that it is very complementary to our current list of SWGs."

If you want to sign up for more information about and to be able to follow the development of this Standing Working Group, please consider joining our designated ResearchGate page:


For more information about EGOS and to register for their colloquium in the future, please visit: www.egosnet.org

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