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Seminar at Score

Sanne Bor & Steve Cropper: "Constituting and resourcing the meta-organization". Thursday November 5, 10.00 am - 11.30 am. Score, Kräftriket 7A.

In what senses can we specify the key elements that constitute a meta-organisation? Might constitutive elements include the ‘resources’ available to a meta-organisation? What role do resources play and what effects do the origins of and governance rights over resources have on the design and governance of meta-organisations? Equally, how do the design and governance choices of meta-organisations affect their resourcing patterns?

Literatures on whole networks, alliances and meta-organisations are brought together to discuss the constitutional elements of meta-organisations. Whilst there is limited mention of resources in the literatures, we argue that resource patterns are an important, indeed, constitutive element of meta-organisations. By this, we mean that the pattern of resourcing has fundamental implications for the character of the meta-organisation since it is bound to other crucial design and governance decisions. We characterise patterns of resourcing in terms of

i) the particular mix of origins of resources and

ii) the location of governance rights over the resources on which the meta-organisation relies.

Patterns are not stable, they change over time. We explore the effects of resourcing patterns on the design and governance choices in meta-organisations using a longitudinal case study to illustrate how resource patterns change over time and how this affected and has been affected by the design and governance choices.

Sanne Bor is Lecturer at the Department of Management and Organisation, Hanken School of Economics (Finland).
Steve Cropper is Professor of Management at the School of Social Science & Public Policy, Keele University (UK).

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