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Orchestrating collaboration - on leadership for growth

-enhancing renewal and innovation in organizational gaps

Sweden may be at the top of innovative nations, it does not however do so well in transforming these innovations into expanding businesses. The latter usually requires collaboration between several partners and a skilful management of interactions between, for example, organisations.  

This project investigates boundary-spanning interactions and, in particular, the management of organizational gaps between partners that can play a role in the business development of innovation. A specific focus is on the role played by leadership.  

The purpose of this project is twofold. Firstly, it will develop models for identifying and evaluating the potential and the development opportunities in a collaborative initiative, among other things, in its various phases and stages of evolution.  Secondly, it will identify ´recipes´ for how leadership may be exercised in these constellations. This will be a leadership able to recognize opportunities for collaboration, and how this collaboration can be exploited; a leadership able to find those suitable for managing the collaborative effort and the means for it.  

The project will contribute to theoretical knowledge development as well as new methods and approaches for managing innovations and the exploitation of innovations by collaborative means. This project is executed in collaboration with a couple of Vinnväxt-initiatives initiated by Vinnova (Sweden’s InnovationAgency).

Project leader
Mats Tyrstrup

Research team:
Mats Tyrstrup, Ingela Sölvell

Started December 1st 2013, 2-year project financed by Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Agency

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