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Microdynamics, innovation and management

when service is co-produced with customers

This project focuses on service firms where employees spend most of their time in direct contact with customers. Characteristically, these types of firms usually develop a strong horizontal process between the service provider and the customer/user. This puts strong limits to the forms and methods available for sharing experiences and ideas among coworkers as well as how management can be played out.

The purpose of this project is, through increased understanding of the micro dynamics and how embryos of innovation grow in these types of settings, to develop knowledge, new perspectives and models for management that bring more innovation and renewal . Together with five firms, we form an R&D project that aims to have strong impact on practice and to contribute to the academic discourse within the field.

Collaborative partners:
ÅF Infrastruktur, Iris Hadar, Riksbyggen Förvaltning, SATS, Almega

Project leader:
Ingalill Holmberg 

Research team:
Gunnar Westling, Ingela Sölvell, Martin Vendel 

Sample publication:
Sölvell, I. (2013) 'Vem kom på idén? Chefer i innovationsprocessen' in P. Andersson, B. Axelsson and C. Rosenqvist, Det mogna tjänstesamhällets förnyelse: affärsmodeller, organisering och affärsrelationer, Lund: Studentliteratur.

started 2009, financed by Vinnova till December 2013

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