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Action-nets for Change and Innovation in Knowledge-intense Firms

Sweden is well positioned for the emerging knowledge-driven society. To a part because the Swedish economy contains a well developed service sector, to a part because Sweden are among the countries that invests most (proportion of GNP) in organized innovation activity. Concurrent however, knowledge about innovation and renewal in skill-intensive service industry are less well developed and systemized which constitutes a strategic problem.

The project aims at developing concepts and models for change and renewals in skill-intensive service industry, especially in businesses that are subject to strong change pressure. During such conditions, leaderships must take its starting point in the fact that competence is not only tied to individuals but is also stored in the relations that exist in the organization. Changes and renewal will also, and utterly, shape work that is carried out on a daily basis, and therefore innovation has to be anchored in the preconditions of the operational activities and their preconditions.

By the means of case studies in three companies, as well as pilot renewal efforts, the project will study the conditions for renewal and innovations in skill-intensive service activities. The research design is based on action learning methods with roots in experience based development pedagogy.

Collaborative partners: RF Media, RPM Portfolio Management, Swedbank

Project leader:
Mats Tyrstrup

Research team:
Mats Tyrstrup, Ingalill Holmberg

Started 2007, was financed by Vinnova till December 2010, on-going project.


Tyrstrup, M. & Holmberg, I. (2007) Vardagsarbetet och arbetsplatsen som forum för innovationer - Motsättning eller möjlighet? Research Paper Series 2007/3. Stockholm: Centre for Advanced Studies in Leadership at Stockholm School of Economics

Tyrstrup, M (2007). Den bångstyriga tiden – om synkronisering och osäkerhet i kunskapsintensiva verksamheter, CASL Research Paper Series, 2007/2.

Tyrstrup, M (2007). Organisatoriska mellanrum – om kompetens, samverkan och godtycke i kunskapsintensiva verksamheter, CASL Research Paper Series, 2007/1
 when service is co-produced with customers

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