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New research project: leadership in times of Covid-19

This new research project investigates the experiences of leading and managing organizations during the corona virus pandemic, and the societal circumstances that follows in the attempts to limit the spread of the disease. The project follows a number of managers operating in different sectors and countries, and documents their experiences in real time.

Business leaders have in the last months faced a unique crisis, as the coronavirus spreads across the world. This has dramatically changed the terms under which businesses and organizations organize their work and their employees, and the expectations and demands these have on leadership. To an unseen extent people are working from home and travels are banned. At the same time the world economy has slowed down, approaching depression and there is great uncertainty regarding the future.

In order to capture the development over time the project studies the practices of managers through a series of interviews. The study will be carried out as a longitudinal real-time study (1-2 years), using a multi-method approach (i.e. a mix of data-collection methods: conversational data, interviews, observations (shadowing), document analysis, etc.).

Research team: Dr Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg & Professor Ingalill Holmberg


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