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ABC colloquia: On Social Ontologies with Åsa Burman

Welcome to this ABC colloquia with Åsa Burman about her new book Nonideal Social Ontology on Monday June 12 in The Cabinet Room on Sveavägen 65. Open for all! No registration needed.

Dr Åsa Burman, Dept of Philosophy at Stockholm University, introduces her new book. From her background in analytical philosophy (Lund and Berkeley Univ) Åsa is engaged in an international quest for new ontologies that attempt bridging philosophy to social sciences. She also organizes an international conference on Social Ontology at Stockholm University in august 2023.

Åsa Burman´s research is in the field of social ontology, with a special focus on power and social structures.

Let us hear Åsa´s view on why and how social sciences, traditionally focused on method and epistemology, may learn from recent philosophical investigations in ontology.  

Can Art (as introduced by SSE Art Initiative) also be Social Ontological Worldmaking?

More about Åsa Burman´s new book Nonideal Social Ontology here and about Åsa Burman here.

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