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Sarah Jack

Affiliated Research Fellow, Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship - Lancaster University

Sarah Jack is an Affiliated Research Fellow with the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology and a Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University.

Sarah’s primary interests relate to social aspects of entrepreneurship, where she draws on social capital and social network theory to extend understanding about the relationship between the entrepreneur and the social context in which they are embedded, using qualitative techniques. Her work is of a theoretical, conceptual and policy nature. Current interests also include social innovation, sustainable business development and entrepreneurship within a historical context. 

Sarah’s current research projects include, the Public Procurement of Functions – A Stepping Stone Towards A More Sustainable Future! This transdisciplinary project supported by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, draws together world-leading researchers from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and Linköping University (LiU) in the areas of law, economic, social, and technology sciences. The project is designed to look at how functional selling (FS) business models support more sustainable public procurement and the global issue of how to support sustainable growth and prosperity; Targeted-MPI (Transparent And Resilient Gender Equality Through Integrated Monitoring Planning and Implementation) supported by Horizon 2020 which brings together partners from Europe (Greece (PI), Sweden, Belgium, UK) and Lebanon to address gender inequality in Business and Management (B&M) schools through the development and effective implementation of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs). She is also engaged with Recirculate (a £7mn UK global challenge project aimed at building capacity within Africa to solve the continent’s water crisis). Previous projects include engagement with the Wave 2 Growth Hub project, a £32mn project funded through the UK’s Regional Growth Fund aimed at developing growth hubs tailored to the needs of local SMEs; SIMRA (Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas, a Euro5.5mn Horizon 2020 project led by Professor Maria Nijnik, James Hutton Institute) leading work on Innovation Actions through the delivery of social innovation on the ground.

Sarah’s research outputs have been published in highly rated international journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Journal of Management Inquiry, Technovation and Regional Studies. She serves as an Editor for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Associate Editor for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and is an editorial board member for the Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Sarah also holds a leadership role with the ENT Division of the Academy of Management (AoM).

Selected Publications

Van Burg, E., Cornelissen, J., Stam, W. and Jack, S.L. (2020) Advancing qualitative entrepreneurship research: Leveraging methodological plurality for achieving scholarly impact. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. DOI:10.1177/1042258720943051 

Mahumd, M., Soetanto, D. and Jack, S.L. (2020) Environmental management and product innovation: The moderating role of the dynamic capability of small manufacturing firms. Journal of Cleaner Production. doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.121633 

Discua Cruz, A., Hamilton, E., and Jack, S.L. (2020) Auto-ethnography in qualitative studies of gender and organisation: A focus on women successors in family businesses. In Stead, V., Elliott, C., Mavin, S. (eds.) Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Management. Forthcoming.   

Jack, S.L. and Nordqvist, M. (2020), “The Wallenberg Family of Sweden – Sustainable business development since 1856”. In Sharma, P. & Sharma, S. (eds.) Pioneering Sustainable Family Firms’ Patient Capital Strategies. Edward Edward Elgar Publishing Inc., Northampton, MA. Forthcoming. 

Dubois, A., Pugh, R. and Jack, S.L. (2020) Innovation and entrepreneurship in the North, YMER 2020, forthcoming. 

Discua Cruz, A., Hamilton, E., Jack, S.L. (2020) Using metaphors to understand opportunities: A narrative approach to theorising family entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. doi.org/10.1080/08985626.2020.1727089 

Williams Middleton, K., Padilla-Meléndez, A., Lockett, N., Quesada Pallarès, C. and Jack, S.L. (2019) The University as an Entrepreneurial Learning Space: The role of socialized learning. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research. Vol. 26 No. 5, pp. 887-909. doi.org/10.1108/IJEBR-04-2018-0263  

Pugh, R., Soetanto, D., Jack, S.L. and Hamilton, E. (2019) Developing Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystems through Integrated Learning Initiatives: The Lancaster Case. Small Business Economics. doi.org/10.1007/s11187-019-00271-5 

Highlighted Research