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Charlotta Kronblad

Affiliated Research Fellow, Postdoctoral Researcher - University of Gothenburg

Charlotta Kronblad is an Affiliated Research Fellow and a former Wallenberg Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital Innovation Program (SCDI) at the House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics. She is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Göteborgs University. She obtained her PhD at Chalmers University of Technology where she focused on the digital transformation of the legal field and looked into implications of digitalization on business models, ways of work, and society at large. Charlotta is a past practitioner of law and has worked for ten years in law firms, courts, and legal departments.

Her current research remains in the intersection between law, management, and digital technologies, and she is working on research projects targeting both the private and the public sectors. In the private sector, she explores how networks and platforms impact business models and practices. In her research targeting the public sector, she focuses on digital government and the backsides of algorithmic decision-making.

Charlotta is a well-renowned speaker on the implications of digitalization in the legal sector, and she has taught several courses on law and innovation, as well as management and corporate strategy.

Selected publications

Kronblad, C. (2020). How digitalization changes our understanding of professional service firms. Academy of Management Discoveries, 6(3), 436-454.

Kronblad, C. (2020). Digital innovation in law firms: The dominant logic under threat. Creativity and Innovation Management, 29(3), 512-527.

Kronblad, C., & Pregmark, J. E. (2021). How COVID-19 Has Changed the Digital Trajectory for Professional Advisory Firms. The Future of Service Post-COVID-19 Pandemic, Volume 1, 101.

Highlighted research