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Dissertations (Since 2015)


Skog, Albin

How Fields Change: Transposition, Organizational Habitus, and Inter-Field Distance

Åbonde Garke, Adam

Online News Behavior


Perzon, Jennie

Collaborative value. An engaged analysis of ecosystem capabilities

Kolesova, Svetlana

Understanding consumer choices in multichannel retailing

Agrogiannis, Serafim

Sustainability Investments and Strategic Decision Making. Articles of Faith or Calculated Predictions? The Case of the Maritime Shipping Industry

Fredriksson, Odd

Electronic Business - Implementation and Effects

Singh, Reema

Understanding Effects of Retailer Attributes on Customer Responses in Online Grocery Retailing

Chimenti, Gianluca

Performing Ambiguity?: Following Multiplicity in Shared Mobility Markets


Almqvist, Gustav

The Good Place: Essays on Nudging

Huang, Lei

Co-creating Solution Value: Understanding Process Dynamics and Digitization Effects

Sagfossen, Sofie

A for Effort: Consumer Responses to Own and Others’ Effort

Tian, Min

Innovation through digitalization: How Sociotechnical Tensions Drive Innovation

Westerberg, Rikard

Socialists at the Gate: Swedish Business and the Defense of Free Enterprise, 1940-1985



Ahlbom, Carl-Philip

How Technology is Evolving In-Store Shopping Behaviors: Evidence from the Field

Blom, Alngelica

One Size Fits All?: Understanding Shopper Responses Towards Integration Activities in Omnichannel Retailing

Lernborg, Clara My

Organising Responsibility in the Swedish Fashion and Textile Market

Murto, Riikka

An App for Women? Exploring the Performance of Gender and Diversity in Market Practice

Padron Hernandez, Ivar

When International Strategy Meets Local Institutions: Subsidiary Influence in the Context of Headquarter Initiatives

Sendlhofer, Tina

Organising Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of Employee Involvement at Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Song, Ji-Won

Institutional Variety: Exploring the Interplay Between Context and Agency in Korean and Japanese Business Systems

Åström Rudberg, Elin

Sound and loyal business: The history of the Swedish advertising cartel 1915–1965


Fontana, Enrico

Corporate Social Responsibility Sensemaking : The Change Agency of Executives in Bangladesh and CSR Workers in Japan

Ingram Bogusz, Claire

Crowds, Coins and Communities 

Szugalski, Stefan

Marketing with Benefits: Essays on Consumer Reactions to Ugliness, Sustainability Reports, Pop-up Banners and VIP Treatment



Laurin, Ebba

Box Paradox : How Key Account Management Contributes to Business Model Innovation

Stigzelius, Ingrid

Producing consumers: agencing and concerning consumers to do green in everyday food practices

Yetis Larsson, Zeynep

Investigating entrepreneurship in Open Source Software Communities

Åkestam, Nina

Understanding advertising Stereotypes: Social and Brand-Related Effects of Stereotyped versus Non-Stereotyped Portrayals in Advertising 

Ählström, Jenny

"Alla ska behandlas med respekt'': Uppkomst och utveckling av narrativet om mänskliga rättigheter i globala leverantörskedjor 


Fröberg, Emelie

Seeking Alpha—and finding it: empirical studies of the impact of information acquisition behavior, market beliefs, and risk attitude on fund performance among equity fund managers in Sweden

Karsberg, John

Reception, reception, reception : the effects of receiver context on advertising effectiveness

Larsson von Garaguly, Joacim

Vasaloppet - resan från skidtävling och skidlöpare till produkter och kunder : en studie om kommersialisering och professionalisering 

Liljedal, Karina T

Communicated Consumer Co-Creation : Consumer Response to Consumer Co-Creation in New Product and Service Management

Özbek, Nurgül

Entering a global play : insigths into Swedish small life science firms' legitimation in international networks



Berg, Hanna

Faces of Marketing : Examining Consumer Responses to Depictions of People in Marketing

Luistro Jonsson, Marijane

Cooperating for Sustainability : Experiments on Uncertainty, Conditional Cooperation and Inequality

Morgulis-Yakushev, Sergey

Exploring Fit : Essays on the Role of Organizational Cultural Fit for Knowledge Transfer

Nilsson Altafi, Sofia

Evaluations as Mirrors and Co-constructors : An Empirical Investigation of a Microfinance Rating Agency and its Rating Practices from 1999–2014