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Recent publications in leading journals

Here is a collection of articles accepted for publication or published in the Academic Journal Guide category 4 and 3 journals.


Matthias Hänsel Solving the Diamond–Mortensen–Pissarides model: A hybrid perturbation approach Economics Letters

Oliver Engist and Erik Merkus (with co-author) Conservative Talk Radio and political persuasion in the US,1950–1970 Journal of Comparative Economics


Jaakko Meriläinen (with co-authors) Pre-electoral coalitions and the distribution of political power Public Choice

Fabio Blasutto (with David de la Croix) Catholic Censorship and the Demise of Knowledge Production in Early Modern Italy The Economic Journal

Andreea Enache (with co-authors) A functional estimation approach to the first-price auction models Journal of Econometrics

Sampreet Singh Goraya How does caste affect entrepreneurship? birth versus worth Journal of Monetary Economics


Céline Zipfel (with co-authors) Young Adults and Labor Markets in Africa Journal of Economic Perspectives

Abhijeet Singh (with co-authors) Test scores and educational opportunities: Panel evidence from five low- and middle-income countries Journal of Public Economics


Anna Dreber Almenberg (with co-authors) Journal-based replication of experiments: An application to “Being Chosen to Lead” Journal of Public Economics

Lars Ljungqvist (with Thomas J. Sargent) The fundamental surplus strikes again Review of Economic Dynamics

Erik Merkus and Felix Schafmeister The role of in-person tutorials in higher education Economics Letters

Richard Friberg All the bottles in one basket? Evaluating the effect of intra-industry diversification on risk Long Range Planning

Tommy Andersson (with A. Cseh, L. Ehlers, and A. Erlanson) Organizing Time Exchange: Lessons from Matching Markets American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 

Matilda Kilström (with Martin Flodén, Jósef Sigurdsson, Roine Vestman) Household Debt and Monetary Policy: Revealing the Cash-Flow Channel The Economic Journal

Johanna Wallenius (with Max Groneck) It Sucks to Be Single! Marital Status and Intra-Generational Redistribution of Social Security Economic Journal

Johanna Wallenius (with Tobias Laun) Having It All? Employment, Earnings and Children Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Anna Dreber Almenberg and Magnus Johannesson (with Neyse Levent) 2D:4D does not predict economic preferences: Evidence from a large, representative sample Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

David Domeij (with Christopher Busch, Fatih Guvenen, and Rocio Holgado) Skewed Idiosyncratic Income Risk over the Business-Cycle: Sources and Insurance American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics


Tommy Andersson (with L. Ehlers) Assigning Refugees to Landlords in Sweden: Efficient Stable Maximum Matchings Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Anna Dreber Almenberg (with co-authors) Crowdsourcing hypothesis tests: Making transparent how design choices shape research results Psychological Bulletin

Anna Dreber Almenberg and Magnus Johannesson (with co-authors) A creative destruction approach to replication: Implicit work and sex morality across cultures Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Andreea Enache (with Jean-Pierre Florens) Identification and Estimation in a Third-Price Auction Model Econometric Theory

Federica Romei (with Pierpaolo Benigno and Gauti B. Eggertsson) Dynamic Debt Deleveraging and Optimal Monetary Policy American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Federica Romei (with Sergio de Ferra and Kurt Mitman) Household Heterogeneity and the Transmission of Foreign Shocks Journal of International Economics

Jörgen Weibull (with Immanuel Bomze and Werner Schachinger) Does moral play equilibrate? Economic Theory

Jörgen Weibull (with Ingela Alger and Laurent Lehman) Evolution of preferences in structured populations: Genes, guns, and culture Journal of Economic Theory

Jörgen Weibull (with Topi Miettinen, Michael Kosfeld, and Ernst Fehr) Revealed preferences in a sequential prisoners’ dilemma: A horse-race between six utility functions Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Richard Friberg (with Mark Sanctuary) Matched trade at the firm level and the micro origins of international business-cycle comovement International Journal Of Finance & Economics

Robert Östling (with Erik Mohlin and Joseph Tao-yi Wang) Learning by similarity-weighted imitation in winner-takes-all games Games and Economic Behavior


Anna Dreber Almenberg (with Evelina Bonnier, Karin Hederos, and Anna Sandberg) Exposure to Half-Dressed Women and Economic Behavior Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Abhijeet Singh Learning More with Every Year: School year productivity and international learning divergence Journal of the European Economic Association

Albin Erlanson (with Andreas Kleiner) A note on optimal allocation with costly verification Journal of Mathematical Economics

David Domeij and Lars Ljungqvist Public Sector Employment and the Skill Premium: Sweden versus United States 1970-2002 Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Johanna Wallenius (with Tobias Laun, Simen Markussen and Trond Vigtel) Health, Longevity and Retirement Reform Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Jörgen Weibull (with Ingela Alger) Evolutionary models of preference formation Annual Review of Economics

Kelly Ragan Historical Evidence on a Modern Theory of Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing Economics Letters

Mark Voorneveld An Axiomatization Of The Nash Equilibrium Concept Games and Economic Behavior

Martina Björkman Nyqvist (with Andrea Guariso, Jakob Svensson and David Yanagizawa-Drott) Reducing Child Mortality in the Last Mile: Experimental Evidence on Community Health Promoters in Uganda American Economic Journal: Applied Economics


Anna Dreber Almenberg and Magnus Johannesson (with co-authors) Is research in social psychology politically biased? Systematic empirical tests and a forecasting survey to address the controversy Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Abhijeet Singh (with Alan Sanchez) Accessing higher education in developing countries: Panel data analysis from India, Peru, and Vietnam World Development

Andreea Enache (with Jean-Pierre Florens) Nonparametric Estimation for Regulation Models Annals of Economics and Statistics

David Domeij and Tore Ellingsen Rational Bubbles and Public Debt Policy: A Quantitative Analysis Journal of Monetary Economics

Juanna Joensen (with Helena Skyt Nielsen) Spillovers in Education Choice Journal of Public Economics

Jörgen Weibull (with Mogens Fosgerau, Per Olov Lindberg, and Lars-Göran Mattsson ) A note on the invariance of the distribution of the maximum Journal of Mathematical Economics

Lars E.O. Svensson Monetary Policy and Macroprudential Policy: Different and Separate? Canadian Journal of Economics

Mark Voorneveld (with A Jonsson) The limit of discounted utilitarianism Theoretical Economics

Mark Voorneveld (with H Petri) No bullying! A playful proof of Brouwer’s fixed-point theorem Journal of Mathematical Economics

Martina Björkman Nyqvist (with Lucia Corno, Damien de Walque, and Jakob Svensson) Incentivizing Safer Sexual Behavior: Evidence from a Lottery Experiment on HIV Prevention American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Tore Ellingsen (with Robert Östling and Erik Wengström) How Does Communication Affect Beliefs in One-shot Games with Complete Information? Games and Economic Behavior


Anna Dreber Almenberg (with Antonio A. Arechara, Drew Fudenberg, and David G. Rand) ‘I’m Just a Soul Whose Intentions Are Good’: The Role of Communication in Noisy Repeated Games Games and Economic Behavior

Anna Dreber Almenberg (with Thomas Buser and Johanna Möllerström) Stress Reactions Cannot Explain the Gender Gap in Willingness to Compete Experimental Economics

Lars E.O. Svensson Cost-Benefit Analysis of Leaning Against the Wind Journal of Monetary Economics

Lars Ljungqvist (with Sagiri Kitao and Thomas J. Sargent) A Life-Cycle Model of Trans-Atlantic Employment Experiences Review of Economic Dynamics

Magnus Johannesson (with co-authors) The effect of fast and slow decisions on risk taking Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

Magnus Johannesson (with Jonathan P. Beauchamp and David Cesarini) The psychometric and empirical properties of measures of risk preferences Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

Magnus Johannesson (with Ola Andersson, Topi Miettinen, Kaisa Hytönen and Ute Stephan) Subliminal influence on generosity Experimental Economics

Martina Björkman Nyqvist (with Damien de Walque and Jakob Svensson) Experimental Evidence of the Long-Run Impact of Community Based Monitoring American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Martina Björkman Nyqvist (with Seema Jayachandran) Mothers Care More, But Fathers Decide: Educating Parents about Child Health in Uganda American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings

Max Groneck Bequests and Informal Long-Term Care: Evidence from the HRS Exit-Interviews Journal of Human Resources

Paul Segerstrom (with Ignat Stepanok) Learning How to Export Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Richard Friberg (with Thomas Seiler) Risk and ambiguity in 10-Ks: An examination of cash holding and derivatives use Journal of Corporate Finance


Anna Dreber Almenberg (with David G. R and Drew Fudenberg) It's the Thought That Counts: The Role of Intentions in Noisy Repeated Games Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Erik Lindqvist (with Erik Grönqvist) The Making of a Manager: Evidence from Military Officer Training Journal of Labor Economics

Johanna Wallenius (with Richard Rogerson) Retirement, Home Production and Labor Supply Elasticities Journal of Monetary Economics

Johanna Wallenius (with Tobias Laun) Social Insurance and Retirement: A Cross-Country Perspective Review of Economic Dynamics

Juanna Joensen (with Helena Skyt Nielsen) Mathematics and Gender: Heterogeneity in Causes and Consequences Economic Journal

Jörgen Weibull (with Ingela Alger) Evolution and Kantian morality Games and Economic Behavior

Jörgen Weibull (with Mark Voorneveld) An elementary proof that well-behaved utility functions exist Theoretical Economics

Magnus Johannesson (with Markus Eyting and Arne Hosemann) Can monetary incentives increase organ donations? Economics Letters

Mark Voorneveld (with H Petri) Characterizing lexicographic preferences Journal of Mathematical Economics

Max Groneck (with C Kaufmann) Determinants of Relative Sectoral Prices: The Role of Demographic Change Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics

Max Groneck (with Ludwig, A. and A. Zimper) A Life-Cycle Model with Ambiguous Survival Beliefs Journal of Economic Theory

Richard Friberg (with Mark Sanctuary) The contribution of firm-level shocks to aggregate fluctuations: The case of Sweden Economics Letters


 Anna Dreber Almenberg (with Johan Almenberg) Gender, Stock Market Participation and Financial Literacy Economics Letters

 Anna Dreber Almenberg (with Karen Khachatryan, Emma von Essen, and Eva Ranehill) Gender and Preferences at a Young Age: Evidence from Armenia Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Abhijeet Singh Private school effects in urban and rural India: Panel estimates at primary and secondary school ages  Journal of Development Economics

Johanna Wallenius (with Tobias Laun) A Life Cycle Model of Health and Retirement: The Case of Swedish Pension Reform Journal of Public Economics

Juanna Joensen (with Charlotte Christiansen and Jesper Rangvid) Understanding the Effects of Marriage and Divorce on Financial Investments: The Role of Background Risk Sharing Economic Inquiry

Juanna Joensen (with Nina Jalava and Elin Maria Pellas) Grades and Rank: Impacts of Non-Financial Incentives on Test Performance Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Kerem Cosar (with Paul L. E. Grieco and Felix Tintelnot) Borders, Geography, and Oligopoly: Evidence from the Wind Turbine Industry Review of Economics and Statistics

Kerem Cosar (with Paul L. E. Grieco and Felix Tintelnot) Bias in Estimating Border- and Distance-related Trade Costs: Insights from an Oligopoly Model Economics Letters

Lars E.O. Svensson The Possible Unemployment Cost of Average Inflation below a Credible Target American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Paul Segerstrom (with Yoichi Sugita) The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Industrial Productivity Journal of the European Economic Association

Richard Friberg (with André Romahn) Divestiture Requirements as a Tool for Competition Policy: A Case from the Swedish Beer Market International Journal of Industrial Organization