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Lindqvist, Erik

Visiting Researcher
Department of Economics

I am a professor of Economics at SOFI, Stockholm University. 

Research Interests
Labour Economics; Public Economics

Recent Working Papers
Windfall Gains and Stock Market Participation,” (with Joseph Briggs, David Cesarini, and Robert Östling). R&R at the Journal of Financial Economics.

Firms and Skills: The Evolution of Worker Sorting,” (with Christina Håkanson and Jonas Vlachos). R&R at the Journal of Human Resources.

Publications (sample)

The Effect of Wealth on Individual and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Swedish Lotteries,” (with David Cesarini, Matthew Notowidigdo, and Robert Östling), American Economic Review, 107(12), 3917–3946, 2017.

Health, Wealth, and Child Development: Evidence from Administrative Data on Swedish Lottery Players,” (with David Cesarini, Robert Östling and Björn Wallace), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131(2), 687–738, 2016.

The Making of a Manager: Evidence from Military Officer Training,” (with Erik Grönqvist), Journal of Labor Economics, 34(4), 2016.

Height and Leadership,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 94(4), 1191-1196, 2012. 

The Labor Market Returns to Cognitive and Noncognitive Ability: Evidence from the Swedish Enlistment,” (with Roine Vestman), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 3(1): 101-128, 2011.

Political Polarization and the Size of Government,” (with Robert Östling), American Political Science Review, 104(3): 543-565, 2010.

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