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The Research School in Accounting – FIRE (Forskningsskolan i redovisning)

The research school in accounting, FIRE (Forskarskolan i redovisning) was founded by Stockholm School of Economics together with Uppsala university, Stockholm University and Gothenburg University in in order to stimulate the development of accounting as an academic field.

FIRE is funded by Jan Wallander & Tom Hedelius’ Foundations and Torsten Söderberg’s Foundation.

Being a member in the Research School in Accounting will help the PhD students in their journey towards a PhD. As a PhD student within the research school you will create a network of PhD students and their supervisors that will be a natural part of the PhD process.

Activities and infrastructure


FIRE arranges two conferences for participants in the research school each year.

In these settings PhD students will be able to present their research in a safe and constructive environment. Senior faculty from the different universities and business school participate and give comments and suggestions to improve the research.

In today’s academic system we understand the importance of preparing for a life after the PhD and this is something that we will address during the conferences.

PhD Courses

FIRE offer its participants access to three uniquely designed PhD courses in accounting. Top class researchers, both foreign and Swedish, will act as teachers.


Accounting is the language of business. Becoming an expert and to do research within this field is a rewarding journey.

Accounting as an academic subject can be divided in three broad fields: financial reporting, financial analysis and management accounting.

Accounting has been important in all times and its importance has not diminished, quite the contrary. Today, accounting is one of the most popular subjects within higher education. Furthermore, accounting’s importance can be seen in the the business press and the use of numbers, ratios and reports and how valuations of companies are made.

Furthermore, accounting rules and standards are always discussed, how these standards should be interpreted and their consequences for firm behaviour. Accounting is also present in many other areas, for example in the debates regarding profitability in the welfare sector and issues regarding accounting’s role in sustainability issues and risk management.

The role of accounting can be studied within various empirical fields, such as NGOs, Sport organizations (clubs) and platform organizations (gaming). Of course, accounting’s role in more traditional organizations such as industrial companies and their organization in sectors is also a possible research avenue. Furthermore, accounting is a critical element in the creation and coordination of supply chains and networks.

Accounting has and will always play an important role in how organizations and societies develop.

Despite accounting’s growing importance, there is a lack of qualified academic researchers within the different accounting areas.


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