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The research school in accounting - FIRE

The accounting field is broad and contains financial accounting, financial analysis and management accounting as well as auditing. Accounting has been important in all times and its importance has not diminished, quite the contrary. Today, Accounting is one of the biggest subjects within higher education. Furthermore, that accounting is important can be seen in the current criticisms against auditors and in discussions in how IFRS will influence companies in various ways. Other examples are current debates regarding profitability in the welfare sector and issues regarding accounting’s role in CSR issues. We would argue that accounting has never been as important as of today.

Despite of accounting’s growing importance, there is a lack of qualified academic researchers within the different accounting areas. In order to stimulate the development of accounting as an academic field Stockholm School of Economics together with Uppsala University and Stockholm University decided to form a research school in accounting. The research school in accounting, FIRE (Forskarskolan i Redovisning), is funded by Jan Wallander & Tom Hedelius’ Foundations and Torsten Söderberg’s Foundation.

Department of Accounting will recruit two PhD students every year that will be a part of the research school in accounting. Being a PhD student within the research school means that a network of other PhD students and their supervisors will be a natural part of the PhD process. Furthermore, within the research school foreign and top class researchers will act as teachers.

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