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Sports Gala: 50 Female Role Models in Swedish Sports

March 8, 2017 marked the official launch of a new platform - Swedish Alliance for Women in Sport (SAFWIS) - founded by representatives from the Cruyff Institute, Elitfotboll Dam, GIH, Girls in Sport and the Stockholm School of Economics.

In the presence of Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Public Health, Healthcare and Sports, 50 female role models in sports were named at a ceremony organized by the Swedish Alliance for Women in Sport on International Women's Day. 

For the unveiling of the platform, a sports gala was held at the Stockholm School of Economics where 50 female role models in Swedish sports were named. 

Among the speakers at the gala was Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Public Health, Healthcare and Sports, Sofia B. Karlsson, Gender and Equality Consultant, Björn Eriksson, Chairman of the Board of the Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet), and Brianna Newland, Researcher at the University of Delaware, U.S. 

Nominating Committee 2017

  • Linda Wijkström, Secretary General, Elitfotboll Dam
  • Lucy Rist, Founder, Girls in Sport
  • Åsa Bäckström, Assistant Professor and Head of the Sport Management program, GIH
  • Sofia B. Karlsson, Gender and Equality Consultant to Riksidrottsförbundet
  • Hans von Uthmann, Board Member, GIH and the Swedish Olympic Committee, and former Chairman of the Board, Svenska Basketbollförbundet
  • Jamie LaFlamme, Program and Partnership Manager, Cruyff Institute, former Lead Program Manager at the UN Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP)
  • Collins Zola, Youth Council Member, Svenska Handbollsförbundet
  • Martin Carlsson-Wall, Center Director, Center for Sports and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics


18.00-18.10: Introduction to the Evening and Background of SAFWIS

18.10-18.50: Lectures on the Theme of Sports and Gender Equality

- Gabriel Wikström 

- Sofia B. Karlsson & Björn Eriksson

- Brianna Newland 

18.50-19.10: Break 

19.10-20.00: 50 Female Sports Role Models for Increased Equality 

20.00-21.00: Mingling and Light Food 

We want to show the great variety of female role models active in sport, both within and behind the scenes of the competition arena. We have an obligation to highlight the crucial dedication and hard work of these women who are a testament to sport.
Martin Carlsson-Wall
Director for the Center for Sports & Business


Women who have been recognized for what they have achieved in Swedish sport as one or more of the following were eligible: athlete, coach, manager, official, educator, researcher, entrepreneur, journalist or administrator. To be named a role model, the person should have worked for inclusion and gender equality in Swedish sport.

The 50 Female Role Models 

Farhiya Abdi, basketball
Therese Alshammar, swimming
Bettan Andersson, boxing
Elisabeth Anderton, football
Cecilia Andrén Nyström, football
Anna Anonym, all sports
Anna Barthold, basketball
Malin Baryard-Johnsson, equestrian
Sofia Bohlin, football
Helena Carlsson, equestrian
Linnéa Claeson, handball
Marika Domanski Lyfors, football
Åsa Edlund Jönsson, journalist covering all sports
Lisa Edwinsson, journalist covering all sports
Matilda Ekholm, table tennis
Johanna Frändén, journalist
Isabelle Gulldén, handball
Erika Holst, ice hockey
Åsa Jernmo, basketball
Caroline Jönsson, football
Eva Karlsson, Houdini Sportswear
Carolina Klüft, athletics/track and field
Magdalena Kowalczyk, budo
Kristina Landgren Carestam, floorball
Sofia Larsson, ice skating                                                  

Hanne Liljeholm, boxing
Hedvig Lindahl, football
Gunilla Lindberg, all sports
Annica Lundström, golf
Azukaego Nnamaka, Swedish Sports Confederation, SISU
Anette Norberg, curling
Eva Olofsson, Akademi
Maja Reichard, swimming/para
Helene Ripa, skiing/para
Jenny Rissveds, cycling
Jamina Roberts, handball
Ewy Rosqvist-von Korff, motor sport
Maria Rydqvist, skiing
Danijela Rundqvist, ice hockey
Margaret Sikkens Ahlquist, gymnastics
Caroline Strömberg, freeride skiing
Pia Sundhage, football
Lena Sundqvist, journalist
Jenny Svender, Swedish Sports Confederation
Annika Sörenstam, golf
Tina Thörner, motor sport
Karin Wahlén, football
Lena Wallin-Kantzy, basketball
Jennifer Wegerup, football
Nina Wennerström, agent/Wesport


We aim to challenge gender stereotypes and to enhance equality in Swedish sport. Read more at www.safwis.se

Carolina Klüft and Martin Carlsson-Wall