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New paper accepted

Sports, Storytelling and Social Media: A Review and Conceptualization

Recently, the manuscript "Sports, Storytelling and Social Media: A Review and Conceptualization" was accepted for publication in International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship. Good job, Christofer Laurell and Sten Söderman!

This paper aims to explain how storytelling in the sports sector becomes integrated in social media. Professional sports organizations have a long tradition of utilizing stories as part of their marketing efforts. However, as the media landscape has undergone considerable change as a result of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), most notably through social media, the conditions under which storytelling evolve become significantly altered. Based on a conceptual review of the storytelling and social media literature, this paper contributes by depicting how storytelling can enact four sequential roles. These roles are also shown to be characterized by varying degrees of co-creation, which has implications for the manageability of storytelling from the perspective of professional sports organizations.

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