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Workshop on Meal Solutions at ICA

ICA Retail Club had a workshop with the theme meal solutions.

The workshop was held by Eva Järnemar Porelius who is Head of Meal Solutions at ICA. She talked about different kind of meal solutions for example meals that you can eat later and just have to add a few ingredients to in order to eat it, ready to eat snacks or meals that you can eat in the store or later. The students were asked to investigate how young adults solve their meals today and come up with solutions for how ICA can attract young adults to buy meal solutions.

Some of the suggestions presented by the students were for ICA to focus on increasing the assortment for ready to eat meals, that ICA could focus on the packaging and appearance of the food, that targeted communication is a key factor in order to increase young adults’ awareness towards meal solutions, and that ICA could open a café with the ICA brand.

Paulina Dukovska, Key Account Manager, ICA’s Retail Club

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