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Workshop with H&M

H&M’s Retail Club first workshop focused on improvements to the In-Store Mode feature available on the brand’s mobile app.

John Karsberg, Head of tests and insights within H&M’s Business Development, presented how H&M is working with its omnichannel in-store experience through the In-Store Mode. The main focus of the workshop was to evaluate the performance of the In-Store Mode, both from a customer perspective and the employee’s perspective.

The students were asked to suggest areas of improvement and KPIs to track the app’s performance. The suggestions focused around being able to provide sizing and fitting reviews, getting personalized product recommendations, including a map to easily navigate through the store, having different screens within the store to allow customers familiarize themselves with the In-Store features and sharing sales insights with sales associates in order to increase customer engagement.

Paula Vega Tagle, Key Account Manager, H&M’s Retail Club

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