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Workshop with coop

Coop's Retail Club had a workshop about communicating new products in stores with kickoff & dinner afterwards.

The workshop started off with an introduction by Business Developer Lovis Hyddmark about Coop and why they want to improve their communication of new products. The students were then divided into groups to come up with ideas on how to cost-efficiently get consumers both noticing and buying new products to a greater extent than today. The students' suggestions to Coop were many, such as communications outside and in the beginning of the store, a "news hunt" and adding them in the Picadeli buffets.

Speaking of buffets, the workshop was followed by cooking and dining together with Danielle Brookes, creator of many of the popular receipts at coop.se. The evening and the four course dinner was very appreciated by the students.

Klas Andersson, Key Account Manager, Coop's Retail Club

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