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workshop with accenture

Accenture’s Retail Club had a workshop about AI in Retail and Design Thinking.

Anna Melin, Digital Transformation Analyst at Accenture Interactive, hosted a workshop on AI in Retail and Design Thinking together with her colleagues. First, the students got a presentation about AI and how it can be implemented in a retail context, and then, the students were introduced to the different stages of Design Thinking.

The students were then divided into four groups and were asked to use their newly acquired knowledge to answer the question “How might we improve the in-store customer experience at IKEA?”. Some of the suggestions presented were implementing a shopping assistant robot, having an in-store digital navigation tool as well as creating a device for scanning your apartment and getting suggestions on what furniture to buy. 

Gisela Gardelius, Key Account Manager, Accenture’s Retail Club

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