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Theme lecture with svensk handel

Johan Davidson from Svensk Handel (The Swedish Trade Federation) held a presentation about the state of retail, The Swedish Model and the coming collective agreements negotiations in 2020.

Johan Davidson, working as a Chief Economist, talked about the state of retail, what trends do we find in the market today and what can we predict about the future. He described the importance of retail in terms of the whole country of Sweden for example 12 % of all workers is employed within retail.

Johan futher talked about the Swedish Model of employer and employee rights. Svensk Handel is a part of a large number of collective agreement negotiations with employee uninons like Handelsanställdas förbund and Unionen. The lecture got students to think more about the importance of retail for Sweden as a whole, and some Swedish labor law.

Julia Granqvist, Key Account Manager, Svensk Handel Retail Club

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