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Talent Attraction and Recruitment at ICA

ICA’s Retail Club had a workshop about how ICA can be a more attractive employer.

Åsa Daxberg head of Talent Attraction Recruitment held a presentation about how companies today are searching for the same competence, especially within IT. Not only the typical brands like Coop are ICA’s competitors today when it comes to talent attraction, but also companies like Google. The groups had the honor to meet Petra Albuschus and Lena Litens from HR and also ICA Sweden's CEO, Anders Svensson. The groups then presented their recommendations, for example to start new hubbs like “ICAx” to attract new competence. Some of the groups also talked about how ICA in their advertising or even stores need to show the customers that they work with digitalization and are an innovative company.

Matilda Forsén, Key Account Manager, ICA's Retail Club

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