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Sustainability within the Supply Chain at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola's Retail Club got a production tour and workshop with the Supply Chain.

We met with representatives from sustainability, supply chain and key account managers who introduced us to the issues with the increase in ”on-the-go” purchases. This means that people tend to purchase a lot more in convenience stores such as 7Eleven and Pressbyrån. This leads to a problem with the recycling of these plastic bottles as customers tend to just throw them away. Currently Coca-Cola is missing around 14-15% of their plastic to these kind of purchases. Our challenge was to come up with different solutions that Coca-Cola or their partner Panta Mera could contribute with regarding this problem. All groups came with similar ideas which all involved with making the recycling process more digital with for instans an app and a CRM-system. All the students reflected that the solution to these last 14-15% of non-recycled bottles has to be with changing the behavior with the ”on-the-go” customer.

Sofie Nilsson, Key Account Manager, Coca-Cola’s Retail Club

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