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Sales & Customer Interaction at Systembolaget

Systembolaget’s Retail Club had a workshop regarding the company’s sales and customer interaction.

Katarina Stark, Customer Strategist at Systembolaget, held a presentation about Systembolaget’s strategy that enables them to offer an exceptional customer experience. Afterwards, the students were asked to analyze how their shopping behavior has changed compared to three years ago. Furthermore the students had the opportunity to present what they thought Systembolaget should develop in order to keep impressing their customers. The topics discussed were: Assortment, Customer interaction, The physical store, Digital presence, Leadership and Employer branding,

Among other things, the students suggested that Systembolaget could improve their employer brand by emphasizing the pride of having a positive impact on society that comes with working at Systembolaget and to offer fast checkouts to customers with less than 3-4 products to improve the customer experience for those who are in a hurry.

Jesper Lundegårdh, Key Account Manager, Systembolaget’s Retail Club

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