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Retail in an Age of Experience at Accenture

Accenture’s Retail Club had a workshop about ”Retail in an age of experience”

Mikael Ekman, Consultant at Accenture held a presentation about the evolution of the retailing, how the retailing is developing and that retail now are in an age of experience. Oscar Rosander, Digital Marketing Consultant at Accenture Interactive then asked the students to do a storytelling, followed-up by a storyboarding. Accenture introduced us to storytelling through creating storyboards. A storyboard helps us structure our thinking from customer’s perspective, present problem and solutions through fun imagery set in everyday setting, and helps the client to better grasp the solution presented by the consultants. The kind of problems that we recieved were; ”create a solution to increase the conversion rate of the store”, ”helping a firm to better communicate their newest products to the relevant customers ”, ”helping a firm that had issues with their in-store navigation”, ” ”help a certain company were the customers experiencing assortment did not fit their expectations”.

Alexandra Pavlov, Key Account Manager, Accenture’s Retail Club

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