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Factory Visit and Sustainability at Swedish Match

Swedish Match’s Retail Club traveled to Gothenburg for a factory visit, and a workshop concerning sustainability.

Upon arriving in Gothenburg, the group was welcomed by Rana Mizouri, Customer Service Employee and Group Coordinator. After giving a short presentation about the company and their factory, she led the tour around it. Mizouri showed the different areas of the factory, explained the different steps in the production process, and described the operations that are carried out at each moment.

In the afternoon, it was time for the day’s workshop. Jerry Bogestrand, Director of Product Development, gave the background for it, which was that black plastic is currently used in the boxes that the snus is sold in. The problem with that, is that black plastic is not recyclable. Therefore, they company planned on changing to transparent boxes, and asked for solutions of how this could be communicated to customers, who, in this case, was considered to primarily be middle aged men.

A basis for the solutions was that this group of customers is unlikely to be fond of change. The students therefore suggested that the label on the boxes is to be made larger, implying that the change in colour will not be seen. Other suggestions included ways to communicate the change, for example by the help of text on the boxes themselves, other brands of snus (due to legal restrictions on how the company can market their products), and different marketing campaigns highlighting why the change has occurred.

Tobias Holmström, Key Account Manager, Swedish Match's Retail Club

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