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Digital Marketplaces at H&M

H&Ms Retail Club had a workshop about digital marketplaces and H&Ms relations to these.

John Avenberg, John Karsberg, and Peter Bäckström held a presentation about “a market in transformation” where they highlighted the changing customer behavior and competitive landscape. John Avenberg works as a program manager within product presentation, Peter Bäckström works with innovation lead within test and insight, and John Karsberg works as a project manager within platform transition. The focus of the presentations was about marketplaces and their growing role. The students were asked to come up with solutions on how H&M should respond to the increasing growth of online marketplaces. Some of the suggestions presented by the students were; create an own platform with all the H&M brand, sell some products on Amazon to stay competitive, and focus on other values that you can use as a competitive advantage such as loyalty program and physical stores as an experience. 

Michelle Nilsson, Key Account Manager, H&M Retail Club 

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