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Studying from home?

This is a guide on how to access the library's digital services and resources from home.

Due to the current outbreak of Covid-19, many of you are working from home or somewhere else outside campus. The good news are that almost all the library resources can be accessed outside campus. 

This is our Library Guide for home studies. Stay safe!

Customer service

If you have any questions, please contact us by mail, phone or chat.

Contact information

Telephone number: 08-736 97 00 (staffed by Info Center)

Email: library@hhs.se

Consult a Librarian Online

SSE Library offers the possibility to book a librarian for individual tutoring. It could be about library resources, databases, publishing etc. These tutorings can also be conducted online. If you would like to book an appointment, please send an email to library@hhs.se specifying who you are, your questions and area of interest.

How to access e-resources

Off Campus Access

Follow the steps in the separate instructions for accessing e-books, databases or articles. Or follow this manual. If it's not working, make sure that you have navigated to the source through MerQuery.

Don't go directly to a resource, always follow the links from MerQuery.

Access to databases

All databases except Eikon can be reached from home or anywhere else outside campus. You will find more information here. For access, just follow the links.

Access to articles

You can reach basically all articles SSE subscribes to from home. You will find more instructions on how to search and access articles here.

Interlibrary Loans

Didn't find the article you were looking for? Make an interlibrary loan request! If you have made an interlibrary loan request for an article, but won't be able to pick it up in the Library - we can send it to you by mail. You can reach out to us in advance, or otherwise we will contact you when we recieve the article. 

More information about digital resources

You will find a lot more information about our digital resources in our "Finding and Managing Information" section.

How to access e-books

This description tells you how to access e-books. You can either search for a specific title or make a more general search for a subject. 

Step 1

Start typing your search into the search box on the library's main page. Press "Enter" or click on the magnifying glass. 

Screen shot showing the search box on the library homepage


Step 2

Time to tweak your results, choose "Available Online" in the Availability menu, and "Books" in the Resource menu. Press "Apply Filters".




Screen shot with information on how to tweak the results



Screen shot with information on where to "Apply filters"

Step 3

Choose the book of your interest, press "Available Online".

Screen shot with information on where to click to get to the full text.

Step 4

Go to "View Online" and follow the link to the supplier.

Screen shot with information on where to click to get to the full text.Step 5

You will now be redirected and prompted to sign in. Use your SSE crendentials. Choose "Student" or "Staff". Voilá! Access granted.

Screen shot with the log in for access page



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