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Awarded SSE Master's Theses

Awards Spring 2015.

Oscar Sillén Award - For Outstanding Essay in Accounting

Emilia Cederberg
Measuring Sustainability - On the Creation of Manageable and Reportable Objects in the Context of Sustainability Accounting

Sven-Erik Johansson Award - For Outstanding Essay in Accounting

Patrick Stockhaus & Terese Svensson
Emerging Market Acquisitions - Intriguing, but What Are the Shareholder Value Effects

Bertil Ohlin Award - For Outstanding Essay in Economics

Johannes Kasinger & Alexander Schlomberg
A Matter of Confidence - Self-fulfilling Sovereign Debt Crises and Bailouts in the Eurozone

Bertil Näslund Award - For Outstanding Essay in Finance

Gustav Niblaeus & Caroline Nylund
Assessing the Viability of Bitcoin as a Currency and an Alternative Investment 

Gunnar Westerlund Award - For Outstanding Essay in Management and Organization

Anna-Lena Minkler & Jan Fischer
Analogical Thinking in a Business Model Innovation Ideation - A Descriptive Study of Managers' Use of Analogies

Karl-Erik Wärneryd Award - For Outstanding Essay in Marketing and Strategy

Ebba Carlsson & Nadiya Dyekina
Social Media Content Marketing - A Study of the Impact of Brand Type, Message Appeal and Format on Attitudes and Intentions

Mats Lundberg Award - For Best Capstone Essay in General Management

Maria Bustamante & Joseph Bergan
Online Video Killed the Television Star - Building a YouTube Strategy for a Traditional TV Company (MTGx)


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