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Reference Management - Refworks

RefWorks is a web based reference management tool. By using RefWorks you can create a personal database online. It lets you collect information about articles that you find of interest for your thesis.

You can import references automatically from different databases and the internet or add them manually. You can also organize your references in different folders and search your own library.

RefWorks also helps you add references into your paper in the style that is required by your institution, usually Harvard at SSE. It also helps you create the final literature list when you're done writing.

How to set up a RefWorks account:

  • Go to the library database list
  • Look up RefWorks
  • Click on View Online
  • Choose Sign up for a new account
  • Fill in the required fields with username and password etc. Be sure to add your SSE e-mailaddress
  • You will recieve an e-mail from RefWorks that you need to confirm
  • You can now log in and start using RefWorks
  • If you're creating an account outside of SSE, you may need to add a group code: rwstockholm

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