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MindShift – Our shared commitment to Growth that Matters

You are invited to join the global launch of the "Growth that Matters Manifesto" - an emerging alliance between Sweden's most innovative organizations, institutions, scientists and thought leaders.

The Nordic countries have been pioneers in the fields of gender equality and sustainability. Now it is time to lead the systematic work for supporting individuals’ lifelong development and growth. 

In the short term, it will help create competitive advantages for you and your organization. In the long term, it can strengthen all of humanity’s ability to reach our Global Goals. Be part of a transformational event, where we mix the brightest minds from the scientific community with senior decision makers and practitioners from the private and public sector. 


During the morning session, 09:00–12:00, you will get input from renown researchers and practitioners from Sweden and Europe and you will be able to choose from several digital tracks, including:

  • A: The science of human development – meet prominent scientists sharing their insights on how we systemically can help people to grow and handle the complexities of our time.
  • B: Developing everyone in our organizations – meet and learn from senior leaders from the private and the public sector who are making human development a true priority.  
  • C: How to scale and democratise inner development - From growth for a few, to growth for many – meet entrepreneurs and people who have managed to simplify and scale tools for personal development, reaching out to thousands of people.

Join us in the afternoon, 13:30–16:30 if you want to listen to the brilliant minds from the global community reflecting on some of the biggest vulnerabilities and challenges we have as individuals, groups and organizations, and how we might find ways to get more resilient by a Growth that Matters: 

Amy C. Edmondson – Author of The Fearless Organization
Jennifer Garvey Berger – Author of Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps
Otto Scharmer – Author of Theory U 
Peter Senge – Author of The Fifth Discipline
Robert Kegan – Author of An Everyone Culture

Meet the speakers

Our moderators Emma Stenström and Jan Artem Henriksson will guide us through the conference. They have gathered some of the world's leading scientists and practioners in the area of human growth, such as: 

Portrait of Niclas Adalberth Niklas Adalberth 
Founder of Norrsken Foundation 

Katarina Berg 
CHRO, Brand & Strategy Operations, Spotify 

Portrait of Tomas BjörkmanTomas Björkman 
Founder, Ekskäret Foundation

Porträtt av Micael Dahlén, Foto: Studio Emma Svensson
Micael Dahlén
Professor, SSE

Amy Edmondson 
Ph.D., Harvard Business School 

Stefan Einhorn 
Professor, Karolinska Institutet 

Erik Fernholm 
Initiator/CEO, 29k

Jennifer Garvey Berger 
Ph.D., Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Portrait of Jan Artem HenrikssonJan Artem Henriksson 
Head of Thought Leaders Summits, Ekskäret Foundation

Niklas Huss 
MindShift Sweden

Robert Kegan 
Ph.D., Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Selina Millstam 
Vice President, Head of Talent Management, Ericsson 

Julia Norinder 
Director of HR and Communication, SIDA

Jonathan Reams 
Ph.D., Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Otto Scharmer 
Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

Peter Senge 
Senior lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

Emma Stenström 
Associate Professor, SSE 

ChristineWamsler_rund-dark.jpgChristine Wamsler
Professor, Lund University Centre of Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS)

More speakers and contributors will be added continously. 

We have a shared challenge.

Our technological power has been increasing exponentially, but our ability to use it wisely has not.

We are building vast and complex civilizations, yet that very complexity is in danger of overwhelming us, creating huge and unintended consequences for all people and the planet.

A MindShift is needed, where we systematically start mastering and applying the tools of inner growth and development, to meet this shared challenge of ours.

                     //from the Growth that Matters Manifesto

article in DN Debatt


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