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Allocating mentors to students for online mentoring

01 May 2020
Researchers from the Mechanism Design and Education Economics groups of Institute of Economics, CERS have joined forces with a charity organisation and an e-learning platform to create a web platform for assigning students to mentors in Hungary. The matching runs are conducted once a week to form mentoring pairs and groups based on the needs and preferences of the participants.

A primer on the SIR model

30 April 2020
Mathematical models are used to approximate epidemic outbreaks and try to predict their outcomes. In this popular Youtube lecture, Tom Britton, Professor in Mathematical Statistics and Dean of Mathematics & Physics at Stockholm University, explains the basic concepts of the Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) model.

Policy guidance for developing countries

30 April 2020
Developing countries face substantially different trade-offs and even more uncertainty compared to rich countries when dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The International Growth Centre (IGC) released a policy guidance note that clearly spells out what the main issues are.

Optimal testing

29 April 2020
A new working paper by Jakob Jonnerby (Oxford) and co-authors analyzes how to optimally prioritize testing resources under scarcity.

Rationing of medical resources

27 April 2020
Rationing of medical resources is a critical issue in the COVID-19 pandemic. A new working paper analyzes the consequences of rationing medical resources through a reserve system.

online search queries as a proxy for contagion

27 April 2020
In the current coronavirus outbreak, governments face hard decisions on how to best combat the spread of the virus. This note proposes a way to capture the spread of contagion, so as to quickly evaluate policy impact.

Gender differences in research productivity

24 April 2020
Evidence from the last months' submissions to journals suggests that there is a gender difference in the impact of the corona pandemic on research productivity.

Does it take a crisis to wake politicians up?

24 April 2020
A recent report by SSE-CERN network member Jon Fiva and Oda NedregÄrd presents data from debates in Norwegian parliament showing that preparation for crisis is not on the political agenda except for when the crisis actually arrives.

Should Sweden close the schools?

24 April 2020
A recent Norwegian scientific report estimates the cost of children's lost education. A rough translation into Swedish context corresponds to a cost of 2.8 billion SEK (equivalent of roughly 280 million euros) a day.

Covid-19 coping stratgies

10 April 2020
A group of Swedish economists belonging to the SSE-CERN network published a short white paper with policy ideas for coping with the Covid-19 pandemic on March 24.
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