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Report: "Sweden through the crisis"

15 June 2020
The Stockholm School of Economics launched today the first part of the new report "Sweden through the crisis". In it you can read views and perspectives from researchers connected to the School.

Temporary incarceration is correlated with Covid-19 infection

15 June 2020
In a new peer reviewed study in Health Affairs, Eric Reinhart and Daniel Chen show that being temporarily jailed (a.k.a. jail cycling) is correlated with Covid-19 infection

The Riksbank's new real-time indicators

12 June 2020
To gain a rapid estimate of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the Swedish economy and labour market, the Riksbank has expanded its collection and compilation of high-frequency data, known as real-time indicators. The Riksbank has opened an experimental public channel, through which academics and private companies can contribute data and visualisations in real time. These indicators are used for analysis and some of them are also reported in the Monetary Policy Reports.

GDP development in Sweden relative to other countries in the wake of Covid-19

12 June 2020
Swedish GDP closely follows that of our most important trading partners. In this Economic Commentary, network member Paola Di Casola and co-authors Y. Akkaya, C.-J. Belfrage and V. Corbo (Monetary Policy Department, Riksbank) discuss some of the reasons why the relationship between Sweden's and other countries’ GDP development may differ from what we have observed historically.

Costs of the pandemic on learning gains

11 June 2020
In a recent working paper “Projecting the potential impacts of COVID-19school closures on academic achievement ” Megan Kuhfeld, James Soland, Beth Tarasawa, Angela Johnson, Erik Ruzek, Jing Liu use previous estimates on effects of school closures and absenteeism to project the potential learning losses due to the corona pandemic in the USA.

Swedish high-frequency economic data

10 June 2020
The Riksbank has put together a database with high-frequency data about the Swedish economy. Other government agencies have taken similar initiatives.

On the optimal ‘lockdown’ during an epidemic

03 June 2020
Network member Dirk Niepelt and coauthor Martín Gonzalez-Eiras embed lockdown choice in a simplified SIR model and solve for the optimal length and intensity of lockdown, assuming a trade-off between health and output.

Forecasting the local progression of the Covid-19 epidemic

30 May 2020
Combining ideas from several fields of mathematics - tropical geometry, Perron-Frobenius theory, probability and optimisation, transport PDE in population dynamics - a new study provides an algorithm to monitor the epidemic based on medical emergency calls.

Socio-economic assessment of infection control measures

30 May 2020
A new report written by an expert group chaired by Steinar Holden and commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Health assesses the socio-economic effects of infection control and prevention measures.

Job search behaviour during Covid-19

28 May 2020
A recent report by Lena Hensvik, Thomas Le Barbanchon and Roland Rathelot shows that job search on Sweden’s largest job board Platsbanken changed markedly around the time of the outbreak of Covid 19.

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