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Robert Demir

Affiliated Research Fellow, Senior Associate Professor - Linköping University

Dr Robert Demir is a Senior Associate Professor at Linköping University, where he teaches strategic management, strategic change, and management theories to MSc, Executives, MBAs, and doctoral students.

His research includes the digital transformation of firms, collaborative and open strategies, and the emergence of unsanctioned management practices within organizations. His research has been funded by VINNOVA, Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Swedish Central Bank’s Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences), and Peter Wallenberg Foundation. His current project is funded by Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and is titled: Digitization and opportunity creation – A historical analysis of the genesis of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Robert received his PhD from Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University and has been a research fellow at the Ratio Institute since 2013.

Selected Publications

The strategic management of high-growth firms: A review and theoretical conceptualization
R Demir, K Wennberg, A McKelvie
Long Range Planning 50 (4), 431-456

Strategic sponsoring in professional sport: a review and conceptualization
R Demir, S Söderman
European Sport Management Quarterly 15 (3), 271-300

Strategic Activity as Bundled Affordances
R Demir
British Journal of Management 26 (S1), S125-S141

Skills and complexity in management of IJVs: Exploring Swedish managers’ experiences in China
R Demir, S Söderman
International Business Review 16 (2), 229-250

Mangling the process: a meta-theoretical account of process theorizing
R Demir, LO Lychnell
Qualitative Research 15 (1), 85-104

Translation of relational practices in an MNC subsidiary: Symmetrical, asymmetrical and substitutive strategies
R Demir, D Fjellström
Asian Business & Management 11 (4), 369-393

Reconsidering the geographical flows of the global knowledge economy: The example of Indian ICT-based knowledge flows to Sweden
B Hermelin, R Demir, H Verhagen
International Journal for Digital Society (IJDS) 2 (2), 451-461

Understanding Psychological Competencies: Conceptualization and Measurement of Psychological Capital at Various Levels
K Trost, R Demir
Ratio Working Paper

Reaping Value From Digitalization in Swedish Manufacturing Firms: Untapped Opportunities?
M Mähring, K Wennberg, R Demir
Managing Digital Transformation, 41-63