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Kathrin Reinsberger

Assistant Professor - Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology

Kathrin is an Assistant Professor (tenure track) at the House of Innovation at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). She is an economist by training, holding a PhD in Innovation and Technology Management from the University of Graz.

Prior to joining SSE, she worked as an Assistant Professor at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business and has been a visiting scholar at Columbia Business School/NYC (2018) and the Laboratory of Innovation Science at Harvard (2019). Furthermore, she has been appointed a SCANCOR Visiting Scholar to Stanford in spring 2022.

Her research interest lies in the intersection of the fields of innovation, technology, and strategy. In this vein, she is driven by the question of how to enable organizations to acquire, assess, and implement external knowledge to create innovation. Ongoing work investigates this by focusing on knowledge management and the subsequent organizational learning, specifically within the context of crowds, contests, and communities.

Selected Publications

Franke, N., Reinsberger K. & Topic P. (2020). The Principle of Self-Selection in Crowdsourcing Contests - Theory and Evidence. Academy of Management Proceedings 2020 (1).

Karlusch A., Sachsenhofer W. & Reinsberger K. (2018). Educating for the development of sustainable business models: Designing and delivering a course to foster creativity. Journal of Cleaner Production, 179, 169 – 179.

Franke N., Schirg F. & Reinsberger K. (2016). The frequency of end-user innovation: A re-estimation of extant findings. Research Policy 45 (8): 1684-1689.

Reinsberger K., Brudermann T., Hatzl S., Fleiss E. & Posch A. (2015): Photovoltaic diffusion from the bottom-up: Analytical investigation of critical factors. Applied Energy 159, 178-187.

Hatzl S., Brudermann T., Reinsberger K. & Posch A. (2014): Do public programs in 'energy regions' affect citizen attitudes and behavior? Energy Policy 69, 425-429.

Brudermann T., Reinsberger K., Orthofer A., Kislinger M. & Posch A. (2013): Photovoltaics in Agriculture: A Case Study on Decision Making of Farmers. Energy Policy 61, 96 - 103.

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