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Quick answers from stakeholders: What do you expect from Misum?

Three questions to Fredrik Franke, head of PwC Sustainability advisory services in Sweden.

Published in March 2016

How can Misum support you in your work? What do you expect from Misum?
We believe Misum can connect research and practice in a good way and we hope that PwC can contribute to this integration.

What is a sustainable market?
A market that in the long term considers the wider range of consequences that the market causes. Thus, environmental and social impacts and how these in turn affect the market. A market which in a better way will be able to include the actual costs of products and services, will ultimately be sustainable. It will in other words become self-financed.
What are the most critical research topics within the field of sustainability? 

  • How this wider impact of the market on society can be measured in financial terms.
  • How UN’s new global sustainability goals will influence a future market. 
  • How this development will affect the pricing of products and services in the long-term.
  • How the development within this field will affect the confidence in business and the capital markets in the long-term. 

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